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Steps to Buy Property in Canada

If you are planning to buy the property in Canada then the first step is to choose a Realtor. A good Realtor can guide you through the whole process, as they can help you to prepare the offer to purchase the property and then the offer can be presented to the seller. It will be upto the seller if he want to accept or reject the offer. If both the parties will be agree on the same prices and the agreement copy will be sent to the lawyer who can check all the conditions with all the required and necessery details. The lawyer further will guide to the buyer about the home inspection, seller should have clean title, all the government regulations must be followed like taxes.

The next step will be to prepare the statement of adjustment, to verify the selling price, and will create a deed. This process will include different costs like Land transfer Tax,Legal fees, Goods and Service Tax, Legal and Notary Fees, Real Estate Agent's fee and so on..

If the seller is non-resident then he/she should file a Income tax return in Canada for the year in which the sale occures, further it will also depend upon the rental property. For buyer it is easy to deal through Realor or Sales Representative, so they can buy property using any realtor. For last few years, Canada has become one of the best living country around the world as Canadins are relatively wealthy  and country is very beautiful with all the living facilities. Property rates in Canada vary in all cities, for example Vancouver has highest property prices are compare to other cities.If you want to live like a Cowboy then Alberta is one of the good option for you and healthcare is also free in Canada similar to UK. So if you are planning to buy property in Canada, toronto apartments for sale, houses for sale in toronto canada,condos for sale in Mississauga then first go and find a good realtor or real estate sales representative who can guide you better on this.

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